T-Shirt Quilt Tips and Tricks

T-shirt quilt

#1 Use Interfacing (you seriously cannot go without this)!

My recommendation: Pellon SF 101 ShapeFlex


Interfacing is an essential part of the T-Shirt Quilt process. Without it and the shirts turn into a stretchy, wadded, wrinkly MESS! These T-Shirt quilt tips and tricks will assist you in navigating this type of quilt. Trust me on this one, SF 101 ShapeFlex works perfectly with its iron-on fusible backing. Be sure to use fusible interfacing that works with the heat setting on your iron. Some have different heating requirements to be mindful of. SF 101 is the perfect weight for backing to stabilize the T-Shirts. If you go thicker you may risk the quilt being rigid and not “cuddly.” Any thinner and the T-Shirts may not hold their shape when they are being sewed together row-by-row.

#2 Sashing is Essential!

Every great T-Shirt quilt has a thin or thick sashing between each stabilized T-Shirt. I opted for a white/light brown polka dot 3″ wide sashing. This put the sashing at 2.5″ wide finished in the quilt accounting for 1/4 inch seams. Check out these fabrics for a possible FQ-friendly ombre sashing!

#3 Layout the Quilt Before Sewing

When you begin sewing the T-Shirt quilt together be sure and layout the T-Shirts before, you never know which ones will look best next to each other!

#4 Use 1/4″ seams (not 1/2″ seams)

Using the standard 1/4″ seams is perfect. They are not too bulky and secure the T-Shirts nicely without any thread or integrity issues. In my opinion using a 1/2″ seam makes it too bulky!

T-Shirt Quilt Cutting Example

I hope these tips find you well and they are useful for you in your T-Shirt quilt endeavors, check out my Instagram in the days to come for my finished T-Shirt quilt. You can also check out my Youtube video for more T-Shirt quilt tips and tricks and a showing of the final pieced quilt top!

XOXO Quincy

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