Edge-2-Edge Quilting

Basic Patterns

Standard Patterns

Premium Patterns

$0.020 per square inch

$0.025 per square inch

$0.030 per square inch

All-Inclusive Pricing = Thread and Batting Included!

Hobb’s Warm and Natural

Tired of messing with cutting batting? Let me do it for you! My Hobb’s warm and natural is a perfect weight and cozy. It comes on a 90 inch bolt.

Glide 40wt Thread

High-quality glide thread is available in over 40 different colors!

$0 Included

$0 Included


Machine Binding

This includes attaching the binding to the back and from of the quilt by myself. Hand-stitched binding is not offered at this time.

$0.025 per inch

Custom Quilting

Please inquire via email regarding custom quilting.