Paula Steel’s Fraktal Quilt: Pattern Review

Quincy with Fraktal Modern Quilt

All the details about this recently released pattern!

Hello friends! I hope all are doing well. I wanted to hop on and write a detailed review of Paula Steel’s Fraktal quilt! Last month (Jan-Feb 2021) I participated in a sew-along for this pattern. I wanted to hop on and discuss the ins and outs of this pattern along with my experience working through it! This pattern is friendly to the beginner/intermediate quilter and is accessible to all! There is nothing tricky and no form of paper piecing is required, which is AWESOME. I love when I come across a pattern that is modern in nature and it doesn’t require paper piecing mastery. Although I enjoy paper piecing and I am working to improve my skills, it still gets me excited nonetheless.

Personally, I used this Alison Glass fat-quarter bundle + Tula Pink’s Fairy Dust and it is SPECTACULAR, the colors are super vibrant!

In the pattern, Steel offers 2 different colorways to follow. I have attached them both below:

Personally, I chose to follow the white colorway because I have a large amount of white background fabric, however, I did see many opted for the black colorway and their quilts came out stunning! After selecting your colorway, you can hit the ground running. The cutting instructs are simple and straight to the point. This pattern is fat quarter friendly, however, I will say that I ended up with quite a bit of scrap. Steel does offer a neat paper pieced “logo” commemorating the Fraktal quilt for FREE here. The leftovers from cutting the fat quarters are in large enough chunks that they could easier be incorporated into a scrappy quilt or another project.

Be sure and check out this black + white fabric options in Kona Cotton, which is one of the BEST solids on the quilting market!

~Constructing Paula Steel’s Fraktal~

The construction of Fraktal went quite smoothly! I found myself using the photo on the front and the back of the pattern frequently for reference. The instructions are set up so that it is easy to follow and offers great details (but not too many) on how to construct the pattern. It only took me around 1 week to complete this quilt top, sewing around 2 hours per night. It is not particularly time-consuming but the end result is spectacular! Below I have some photos I took as I was constructing the quilt top.

Be sure and check out Paula Steel’s modern quilt book here too!


The final result!

Overall, I highly recommend Paula Steel’s Fraktal quilt! It is a fun sew that uses a lot of half-square triangles. I truly enjoyed the directional arrows in this pattern. Additionally, this pattern lends itself to have either a beautiful array of color or a two-toned quilt. The options are endless!

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