Find Your Quilting Community: 4 Simple Tips

Ten years ago I began my quilting journey with my Mom, (Erin Standage of Quilting Rebel). We had both been inspired by fun cross-stitches and quilts passed down in our families and wanted to be able to create these masterpieces ourselves. This led us to stop by our local quilt shop one day out of sheer curiosity. We never thought we would leave with a brand new Bernina 350 to share and embark on a journey of quilting bliss (with a few seam ripping/cussword-inducing moments)! Not only did this newfound hobby bring us closer together, but we were able to join multiple different quilting communities throughs social media, local quilt stores and beyond. In this blog post, I detail the best social media outlets and websites to find your quilting community whether they are online or in-person near you!

The best ways to get involved and meet new “quilty-minded” friends are as follows:

  1. Visiting local quilt shops
  2. Seeking out guilds in your area
  3. Taking classes whether virtual or in-person at a local quilt shop
  4. Social media groups (particularly ones most similar to your quilting area of interest)

Visiting Local Quilt Shops

Arguably one of the fastest and easiest ways to meet a new community of like-minded individuals is stopping by your local quilt store and inquiring about events they host. Oftentimes quilt shops host-specific guilds or classes tailored to embroidery, piecing, applique, and many other interests. Sites such as Quilting Hub and Generations Quilt Patterns offer a jumping-off point. Using these resources, I was able to local my local quilt shops after I moved, and I have yet to visit each one! Side note: One day it is a dream of mine to visit every quilt store in the State of Missouri! A tall task as an epicenter of quilting. Whether or not you are located in the midwest, these online quilting directories offer an excellent method of locating quilters in a given city.

Seeking Out Guilds In Your Area

Guilds offer a more intimate setting to spend time with local quilters. With the Covid-19 pandemic it is likely than many are currently hosting virtual meetings, however you may start to see more in-person meetings occurring in the near future. Guilds often host fun events such as potlucks, classes, and guest speakers. This offers an excellent opportunity to expand your quilting knowledge along likeminded individuals and to find your quilting community. Don’t take for granted the power of community! After moving late last year, I am still working to find a local guild to work with as I am interested in re-establishing this community.

Taking Classes Virtual or In-person

Several years back I took several classes on mastering machine embroidery on my Bernina 830 (and quickly learned that the 7-series offers an easier operation on the embroidery front) and found a sense of camaraderie with my fellow classmates in struggling through and conquering the mystery of machine embroidery. The memories made during that class stick with me today and ultimately led me to take more courses on piecing, applique, and bag making! To this day, I still catch up with friends I made in classes that I took years ago and continue to connect with them through social media, particularly Facebook.

Social Media Quilting Communities

This brings me to my final suggestion to find your quilting community! Join Facebook Groups tailored to your specific interests! I started a Facebook Group (The Contemporary Quilter) in the hopes of creating a blossoming group for all things modern fabric, notions, and quilting. I will continue to cultivate this group and hope that its members feel confident in sharing their interests in quilting. There are MANY groups offered on Facebook, in fact, I am personally part of 15+ some that cover the topic of quilting broadly and others that are specific to my favorite pattern creators or fabric designers. There is a large number of groups and no reason not to join! You may even find a fun “fabric swap” group where members swap fabrics in their stashes for fun!

There is a large number of ways to get involved in your quilting community, you just have to reach out and take the opportunity! I hope this is helpful to you and wish you luck in your search!

XOXO Quincy

Owner of the Contemporary Quilter, Quincy Standage, a modern quilt shop. Tips on how I found my quilting community.

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