3 Ways to Avoid Cutting Wonky Quilt Pieces

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How many times have you started cutting out a quilt and worried about how the finished product is going to match up? I know personally I worried about this A LOT especially when the pattern is complicated and it includes triangles and points! This post is aimed at offering you 3 ways to avoid cutting wonky quilt pieces which will in return make your quilts straighter and easier to work with!

When I began my quilting career roughly ~10 years ago~ I learned the importance of having the right tools to get the job done. When I picked out my first quilting tools for my first sampler quilt, I luckily had the guidance of my local quilt store. However, several of my first cutting tools were not the most user friendly and I struggled with accuracy.

My initial inaccuracies were all part of the learning curve of quilting! These 3 ways to avoid cutting wonky quilt pieces are essential for any quilter to know! This became more and more apparent as I started tackling more difficult quilt blocks and techniques.

Tip #1: Use a Rotary Cutter!

For all those seasoned quilters out there this might seem like an obvious tip, however I do not think it can be said enough! When I began quilting I tried using a pair of Fiskers scissors. This did not bode well for me and I found it almost impossible to cut a nice straight line! Without these straight lines it was super difficult to have a consistent seam and put together individual quilt blocks.

With this in mind, I recommend a quality rotary cutter such as the Olfa 45mm or 60mm. Fiskers also offers a price competitive option, however I do find it does roll a little less smoothly. That being said it is an excellent rotary cutter for the beginner. It also comes in a 45mm or 60mm!

Tip #2 Press Your Seams Open, For No More Wonky Quilt Pieces!

Let’s talk about the dreaded -~seam pressing~- I am guilty as charged for frequently not pressing my seams open! (I know.. shocking!) For several years, I would press my seams to one side with an iron rather than pressing the seams open. When my world opened up to the “pressing seams open club” my seams lined up straighter and my blocks improved immeasurably! I personally use a baby pink Oliso iron for pressing seams open!

This iron is absolutely incredible and a staple for any seam pressing or as a travel iron!

Tip #3 Use a 1/4″ Quilting Foot or Physical Guide!

My final tip from this blog post is the importance of making sure your quilting seams are exactly 1/4″ each time you sew. Every sewing machine is different, don’t underestimate the differences you may find between different sewing machine brands and the type of thread and needle that runs best in that sewing machine. This can drastically effect your seam length and integrity. Using a thread like Aurifil Mako 50wt, is often a good choice to eliminate issues that cheaper threads can cause.

Personally, I have a Bernina 750 QE and I use the 97D foot which makes a great 1/4″ seam! This foot (or a similarly designed one for your style of machine,) works wonders along with a magnetic seam guide like this one! I personally use the Groves Seam Guide and absolutely love its happy little face!

Thank you for hanging with me today and I hope that these suggestions are helpful and find you in good spirits and health! Let me know below in the comments how these different techniques work for you and if there are other products you prefer for getting your seams straight!

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xoxo Quincy

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