3 Fabric Storage Solutions For Easy Access

Inside of Fabric Storage

Read now for 3 fabric storage solutions! Have you ever been looking in your sewing space and wondered if there is a better way to store your fabric outside of stacking your yardage on top of itself?

I have!

Fear not, I put together my favorite “fun” 3 fabric storage solutions. I found that stores such as Hobby Lobby and HomeGoods were great resources for fun storage solutions. Specifically baskets!

Without further ado!

1. Food/Drink Storage Boxes From Sam’s Club/Costco

Good ol Bigelow Tea! One of my favorite boxes has become my Bigelow Green Tea box, originally purchased in Sam’s Club.

This perfect box measures roughly 11”x8.5”x3.5” and can fit fat quarter bundles, charm packs, mini charms, or random yardage! After I was done drinking all my green tea I couldn’t bring myself to throw away this cute little box. As a sucker for bright colors I thought about ways in which I could repurpose this box and VOILA, it went straight to the quilting studio!

This gave me a new perspective on all the boxes and containers that I end up with from Sam’s Club, it opens up a new world of storage solutions!

Pictured FQ Bundles: Andina & Velvet.

2. The Classic ArtBin or Clear Plastic Latching Box

The ArtBin is a classic crafty storage solution. Although they are a bit pricey, especially if you are putting all your fabric in these project boxes, they are perfect because you can easily SEE exactly what is in each box!

Get this awesome ArtBin 3 pack here! #comissionsearned

Coming in at 14”x14.75”x3.5” this is perfect for fat quarter bundles, jelly rolls, layer cakes, etc! Additionally the latches keep the fabric secure and the bin can easily be wiped out and cleaned of threads.

Pictured is FQ Bundles: The Flower Society & Andina.

3. Decorative Storage Bins

These bins are some of my personal favorites and they can be found at Hobby Lobby or HomeGoods. What makes these so perfect is that they can match your *aesthetic* which means you can get designs perfect for your space.

This bin I purchased many years ago and love looking at it on my shelf! Currently it houses my quilt block rejects that will get sewn into a quilt eventually! Like I said, I like to try an up cycle my rejected quilt blocks whenever I can!

I hope you found this block post useful for your quilting space, let me know your perfect storage solutions in the comments!

xoxo Quincy

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