Modern Quilt Shop Fabric: Our Purpose

I couldn’t be more excited for the future of The Contemporary Quilter LLC. The goal of this quilt shop is to provide modern quilting fabric that represents different artists and allows the creator to make fun modern quilts! At the outset of this business I thought about the options available:

  1. An all-inclusive online modern quilt store merging patterns, fabric, machines, and nations.
  2. A successful online longarming business, offering discounted longarming services via mail order.
  3. Designing patterns.

These different options excite me! Several days ago I was driving into town and saw a drooping evergreen, sagging under the weight of the heavy icicles. It looked smooth and beautiful, it almost dancing in the wind. This brought me tranquil thoughts and an excellent idea for a wintry pattern design (soon to be revealed). Right now I am tackling the official “start-up” of the business. While I do have the Federal Tax ID there has been a hold-up at the state level. After achieving this I will get set up with wholesale distributors and get this puppy off the ground!

Speaking to my second idea to elevate the offerings of The Contemporary Quilter LLC by offering a mail order longarming service, I would be able to offer discounted edge-to-edge quilting, on a fast week-by-week offering. One of my biggest pet-peeves as a longtime quilter is the turnaround time with many longarmer’s. While understandable for any type of custom quilting! As a business, it is difficult to wait 3-4 weeks for edge-to-edge quilting. I would say that my impatience plays a role in this, however, I would love to offer my longarming services to those looking for basic/intermediate patterns for a quick 1-week turnaround. I am currently looking at my options to purchase a Gammill. Although this dream is a bit further off, it does not deter me from focusing on providing quality fabrics for the modern consumer. I hope that this quilt shop is the right fit for your creative expressions!

Merging all these interests will take time, but I am committed to offering the best services and products related to modern quilting. I hope you will check back frequently as I intend to post new daily. For now, Look at this beautiful Elizabeth Hartman quilt kit titled Aviatrix Medallion. It is absolutely gorgeous and one of my favorite quilts that I completed to date. All I can think about now is what the best type of quilting would be for this top.

Bright colors make the winter mix outside more bearable! Too-da-loo for now!

Beautiful modern quilt made by a kit for Elizabeth Hartman. These Kona Cotton Solids are stunning and provide ample color!