Hi, I’m Quincy!

A little about me:

Hello, hello and welcome to The Contemporary Quilter! A blogging site dedicated to modern and contemporary quilting. This could be in the form of product reviews, curated products, exclusive quilt patterns, and so much more. I’m Quincy, the owner and founder, and over the past several years I have developed my passion for quilting. From attending quilt shows with my Mom (who also has a blog Quilting Rebel) to taking classes, and participating in numerous sew-along’s, I have realized that quilting is my true passion in life.

I love the joy quilting brings, each stitch dedicated to create a beautiful “bigger picture.” The life lessons of patience and virtue are often taught in the art of quilting. My overall hope is to inspire and help others find their favorite techniques, patterns, and notions in the modern quilt world!

What does it mean to be a contemporary quilter?

At the age of 12, I discovered my love and passion for quilting through a beginning “Learn to Quilt” course taught at a local quilt shop in my hometown Springfield, MO. My excitement for quilts was shaped by my mother who spoke fondly of quilts made by Grandma B. From there it was love at first sight when visiting my first fabric store/quilt shop. Seeing examples of vibrant prints, colors, and new lines from designers such as Tula Pink, Alison Glass, and Robert Kaufmann fueled my passion to learn the basic techniques necessary for quilting. In the class we learned to create a 12″ 12 block sampler quilt from scratch, I picked vibrant colors with bright pink, orange, and floral prints. Outside of the bright colors and fun prints, I was also drawn to 30’s era prints because of the refreshing, yet historic, colors, and fun floral prints.

Learning the basics of quilting in that course and completing my first lap quilt encouraged my desire to make quilts with a modern flair. While in the class I couldn’t help but notice that most were using several tones of brown, while beautiful in their own right, I often received comments such as “how vibrant” such “happy colors” and even when quilting the layers and attaching the backing a “that’s something else alright.” The vibrant backing is pictured below, even my Mom was not convinced that it would be something I would enjoy with longevity. As I sit here in February of 2021 writing this introduction, I have this sampler quilt draped over my bed, backing side up. Pictured below is this very backing.

Modern and contemporary quilting include a diverse range of colors and are not limited by specific “genres” of fabric such as Civil War reproduction prints, the 30’s prints, geometric prints, or solids. While vibrant colors are a hallmark of modern quilts, earthy tones such as browns and greens are commonly used. Here at The Contemporary Quilter LLC I strive to curate a collection of modern fabrics and notions that match the artistic integrity of the modern. The flexibility quilting offers for artistic expression is 2nd to none and I look forward to having others join me in this endeavor to celebrate the art of quilting!